Friday, March 4, 2011

Winning: I think we can agree with Charlie Sheen, it's fun to party

So there's been a lot of discussion about Charlie Sheen in the media lately. Recently he was interviewed by NBC and ABC. I usually don't take interest in the latest celebrity melt downs but I decided to watch a clip from Sheen's ABC interview. I must admit that I was intrigued.

I find his honesty refreshing and admirable.

I guess I was expecting that due to the recent cancellation of his show he would be trying to appease CBS by appearing apologetic and expressing extreme guilt over his statements and his drug use but this was definitely not the case. He does not hang his head in shame, nor is he on the defense. Instead, he speaks candidly and contently about recent events. I find his honesty refreshing and admirable. I am surprised by his bluntness, his non-conventional outlook on life, the passion in which he expresses his opinions. He says he's different, that he has TigerBlood and that he is not Bipolar but "Biwinning."

As I watched the clips of the NBC interview and this clip of the ABC interview and saw him refusing to apologize or express regret over his drug use, partying and proclaiming his run as "epic," I knew his outspokenness and nontraditional views would cause him to be called crazy or worse. Sure enough, a recent clip from CNN , offers the opinion of a doctor who most likely bases his diagnosis on the recent interviews.

Momentarily I'll pretend that I believe psychiatrist diagnosing a patient based off a TV interview could possibly have some validity. He is said to have delusions of grandeur and to be deeply disturbed. I don't know, what do you think?

Now, I am not saying everyone should go out and blow 7 gram rocks or that he does or doesn't have a drug problem, but I think he appeared to be pretty focused and clear. Is he having delusions of grandeur because he refuses to subscribe to normalcy or because he believes himself to be different?

Charlie Sheen does seem a bit fidgety during the interview, but mentally unbalanced, How and Why? Maybe it is because he refuses to conform to the unspoken way that people are supposed to be.

He seems passionate about his convictions and is thinking in a way that breaks the monotony. He pulls away from uniformity and is unapologetic about his lifestyle. I think that because of this he is making some people extremely uncomfortable. It seems we're taught we should express ourselves and be ourselves but difference is intolerable. People like him who refuse to baa like sheep are doomed to be called crazy, which is maybe not so bad.

And I don't know what happened in those situations when he allegedly scuffled with those women, it's all speculation. As is almost everything else being said about him in the media, even Dr. Drew has weighed in with his valuable opinion.

So I may be wrong about you Mr. Sheen, but for now I say you are WINNING!!

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